‘Since one year and half I started drinking a way much more alcohol and definitely increase the consume of junk food (mainly sugar/carbs) . Having anemia and being vegetarian was not helping at all. I started having that little thought inside me called depression growing bigger. My body showed all the damage of an incorrect nutrition, feeling extremely tired, gaining fat, body pain, etc... I tried with the gym but nothing. Then I started having serious problem with anxiety, stress, hormones, and of course more depression. I took the decision to get to the acupuncturist whom introduced me to Sanna. Not mentioning Sandra (acupuncturist which I truly love and thank for everything) Sanna welcomed me home with an amazing positive energy and big smile. It was not up to her to listen anything I had to say but she did. Listen carefully and smile me back. She showed me how I could achieve a better quality life and get rid of my bad habit about sugar. She planned for me a program very easy to follow and extremely impossible for when you are addicted to something. Still Sanna was there supporting me while fail, it is a human thing but we must look to the big pic. Not just as a nutrition but like a mother, friend and sister Sanna took me little by little to change myself starting from inside. I started pole dance and aerial yoga, feeling my energy level going up. It is worth it to trust her, after what happen to me and the way I am feeling now I am grateful I have got Sanna's help in my life.’