Sanna has given talks, spoken in the radio and appeared on television.  She has also written a published article on nutrition. 

June 2018 - IBD & Nutrition talk for The European Federation of Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis Associations (EFCCA). EFCCA  is an umbrella organisation representing 36 national Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis patient associations. 

April 2017 - Annual Finnish Women's Day.  I joined forces with Anna at Anoko Personal Training and we debunked wellness and fitness myths and gave the attendees tips on how to improve their everyday health. 

March 2017 - Healthy Breakfast Talks: Gut Health at Juice By Nature.   Joint workshop with Helen Turner at: during which we explored the role our gut on our health and how to keep your gut happy.  

January 2017 - Healthy Breakfast Talks at Juice by Nature. Helen Turner (health & wellness consultant and blogger specialising in skin care) and I talked about skin health, how nutrition and acupuncture can help maintaining glowing skin.

Helen Turner & Sanna Sumner

January 2017 Radio show at Radio Voice of Naija on Razo Live.  We discussed affordable nutrition to support healthy lifestyle.

Sanna Sumner, Rev HelenRuth Dorkenoo, Channy Barzely

Sanna Sumner, Rev HelenRuth Dorkenoo, Channy Barzely

April 2016 Hormone Health workshop at the Finnish Women's Weekend at Zupthen.  We discussed how hormones work, hormone imbalance and how nutrition and lifestyle can help.  

January 2016 - Corporate Talk on 'Energy at Work' for Juniper Networks. 

January 2016 - talk on 'Healthy Happy Kids' at Robbeburg International Playgroup, Amsterdam. 

August 2015- appeared on Majesty TV to talk about -the psychology and disciple of having a health lifestyle when obese or overweight. 

June 2015 - appearance on Radio Voice of Naija, pan-African media organisation, talking about 'The Psychology and Discipline of Having a Healthy Lifestyle.'

Ask the Expert

June 2015 - presentation at Sprout, Amsterdam Mamas event about healthy eating during pregnancy & post-partum.

March 2015 - article on Amsterdam Mamas website Ask the Expert - A Good Start to Healthy Eating. 

April 2015 - gave workshops on how to increase your everyday energy at the Finnish Women's Weekend. 

April 2014 - workshop on sugar and its effect on our health at the Finnish Women's Weekend.