Healthier Lifestyle

'With a stressful and time consuming job, my health and fitness had slipped and I felt often bloated, uncomfortable, tired and depressed. 

Having spoken to Sanna and identified some areas to focus on I changed up my diet and my drinking habits. Who knew that sometimes a smoothie is far more satisfying than a glass of vino (words I never thought I would say).

In addition I was keen to lose weight for a friend's wedding in South Africa. I followed Sanna detox programe after Xmas, and lost 8lbs in a week. 

I follow elements of this diet today as they are really tasty and the weight continued to come off and I managed to get to the wedding a stone lighter. 

I was keen to have a lifestyle change rather than a diet and that is definitely something that Sanna has given me.'

Joanna, The Netherlands 

Pregnancy Support

'Sanna is a professional and compassionate person who knows a lot about healthy nutrition. I liked the fact she worked around my prefererances tweaking those into a better diet rather than changing it all on one go. I also liked the practical tips ie where to buy certain products and providing easy recipes. If the diet is too complex it is difficult to stick to. 

Jenni, The Netherlands 

Digestive Issues

'After experiencing excruciating stomach cramps, I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. According to my doctor I would just 'have to live with it'. I was sent to a dietician where I only learned what I already knew from internet - don't eat anything dairy! 

I became obsessed reading labels at the shops and became scared of food.  My sister also has milk lactose intolerance symptoms and recommended to speak with Sanna. She explained why this problem has surfaced and confirmed more can be done to address this.  

After tweaking my diet and adding supplements, I am now at a stage where I can eat small amounts of dairy without any symptoms. Instead of being scared of food, I have become more open to try new foods!

I would recommend Sanna to anyone with lactose or any type of intolerance as it is not a disease but a symptom that your body is unbalanced.'






Detox Programmes

'Each time I prepared something of Sanna's recipes, I was blown away by the rich, pure and yummy taste of meals!  Whilst having my first salad, I can still remember thinking; "Wow, this is so delicious and filling!"  I also started to feel lighter and more energetic during the day.  The most astonishing thing for me now is that I don't really have cravings for my former favourite food.  Sanna's detox has changed my whole eating habits and my taste and I am so thankful for this experience!'

Lucie, Germany

'Through the detox my metabolism got boosted and I started to loose weight. My aim was  to loose 5 kg and within 4 months I had lost that. I'm now incorporating this food into my lifestyle keeping the scales at level and of course hoping to lose some more soon.I strongly would recommend Sanna's detox plan to everybody! It makes you feel great'.

Melinda, The Netherlands

'I found everything within the detox programme was colourful, appetising and enjoyable.  I never felt hungry.  The shopping list was helpful as well as using dinners at night before to provide lunch next day which is good if you are busy or take it to work.  I also found very useful to receive daily tips and encouragement during the detox. I did feel better during the detox, lighter and had more energy and I've learnt a lot about healthy foods and mixing different fruits, vegetables and spices. And I love the smoothies!  A really enjoyable experience! 

Irene, UK

Before I started, I had been having restless night more than often than not in the last 4-6 months.  Kept waking up due to sinus problems.  After the detox my sinus problems are almost gone hence I get better rest at night.  Also my energy levels increased!'

Rosemary, Australia

Prior to my detox I had slipped into bad habits - 3 lattes a day, a couple of glasses of wine a night, a pretty routine diet that wasn't bad but also wasn't great.  I was feeling a bit stuck in a rut and a bit sluggish.  

I signed up for Sanna's detox programme and at the same time started a daily exercise programme and the results have been fantastic.  I feel lighter, more energetic and better about myself.  I love the green smoothies - they're a great way to start the day.  Eating less wheat I've noticed that my stomach is no longer bloated.  I'm eating much more fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts and have found that all sorts of new and interesting ingredients and recipes have become part of my daily diet.

Coming off the caffeine was the hardest thing, but Sanna's encouragement and support really made a difference.  And whilst I'm back to drinking my lattes, I'm now drinking one a day rather than three, which I feel better about!  It was also great to have a break from the alcohol and reset my relationship with it.

Making changes like these on your own is hard - the advice and support, the recipes and shopping lists, and the Facebook group all doing it at the same time and sharing their experiences alongside my own, all helped to keep me motivated.  And I'm really happy I did it.  I lost weight, broke bad habits, created new habits and felt proud of myself throughout it all.

Thanks Sanna!  I would highly recommend the programme.

Bronwyn, Australia

"The detox programme helped me to feel healthier and people have actually commented that I look as if I’ve lost weight though that was not my reason for doing the detox – but still nice to hear!

Anne, The Netherlands

'Since becoming a mother to twins three years ago, things got so hectic that healthy diet was forgotten too many times. When times got tough (night wakings, colds, tantrums, you name it) I reached out for caffeine, quick carbs and sugar. Slowly it became a habit.

This detox really allows you to eat, I was not too worried. I mean how bad could quitting caffeine, sugar and wheat be?

It does take some effort, as somebody needs to do the groceries and prepare the meals and snacks. But it is worth it and there is a menu plan you follow. Slowly the bloating and headaches lifted. Socializing and eating on the go can be tricky at first but you get used to that as well. And you start carrying healthy snacks with you.

In two weeks you really have a chance to create new habits that you will stick to. I recommend this detox for anyone who wants feel lighter, healthier and energized. 

Lina, The Netherlands