Tired all the time? Have frequent energy crashes and crave sugar?

21-Day Ultimate Energy Programme will help you to stop those energy crashes, put an end sugar craving and improve your focus & mood. I show you how consuming delicious food can help you to discover how easily you can feel good, have a clearer mind, and be happier.

21-days include:
- 3 x weekly meal plans
- Complete shopping lists
- Easy & delicious recipes
- Weekly nutrition lessons & videos
-Guidance from your nutritionist

21-Day Ultimate Energy is a great way to start to make healthier choices and get the grasp of what to eat during the day to feel sated and energized. With these recipes you'll feel better both mentally and physically. It's a fantastic programme.‘

It has been FANTASTIC! I’m eating super healthy and amazingly tasty food. My sugar cravings are gone and I feel contented, fresh and alert all day - and I’ve shed few kilos too. Everyone should try this!’

‘I lost at least 5 kilos! The extra weight is just shedding off me. If I was on a "proper" weight loss diet, this would feel so much harder (been there, done that). Thanks Sanna for helping me to get to the right path!‘