‘I had a really eye opening 3 weeks with Sanna’s 21-Day Ultimate Energy Programme. My problems:
- Sugar cravings 
- Tiredness in the afternoon, complete exhaustion after dinner.

What I noticed during the programme:
- I wasn’t missing the sugar treat in the evening (From the first day!)
- I was alert and sated all day.
- I kept losing extra kilos, and the only thing I’ve changed was my diet.
- I happened to have my menstruation during the programme and these things were missing this time: Feeling bloated, lower back pain and that nagging feeling that the migraine is starting. I managed to skip my monthly migraine attack completely - For the first time in years!

How I feel when the programme is over:
- I’m feeling great. I’ve lost several kilos of extra weight just by eating very tasty food that also happens to be healthy. 
- I’ll corporate most of the recipes into my every day diet and I’ll keep mixing them up with my regular dinner go-tos. The breakfast and lunch will continue as they are now with Sanna’s recipes. There’s more than enough to keep it interesting.
- I don’t snack all day. I eat 3 (or 4, if I want my snack) times a day. That must be a good thing for my teeth too.

‘What Sanna gives you, is a well designed meal plan to keep you going all day. The recipes are healthy, easy to follow, simple to make and delicious. If you have special diet or food allergies, Sanna will give substitutes to skip/replace those ingredients/recipes with. The basic programme contains some meat and fish dishes too, I did the vegetarian version. My husband is a vegan and I’m pretty much a vegetarian and we both were over the top excited about the food. I think if you are planning to go to this direction or just want overall healthiness, Sanna’s programme is a great start. You’ll get a better understanding of what keeps you going all day, without over or under doing anything.’

‘I realise that all the people are different and what works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for the other. This certainly worked wonders for me and I will keep on going to this direction. I just can’t recommend it highly enough. Do yourself a favour and give it a go!’ Päivi, Amsterdam.