Whether you are simply curious about how to make healthy food choices or have a specific health issue and want professional guidance, my personalised nutrition coaching can help.

I am an expert in nutrition and I provide specific tips for you to make gradual changes, and give constant support along the way!

I work with people who are:

  • Adults looking to improve their health and change their eating habits

  • Young professionals with hectic work schedules & frequent travelling

  • Parent’s who want to improve their family’s nutrition

  • Couples planning a baby

First consultation

Upon booking a consultation,  I will ask you to fill a health questionnaire with a 3 day food diary. I’d like this to be returned 3 days before your appointment.

At the initial appointment, we go through your nutritional questionnaire in detail, discussing your health concerns and goals, health history, diet, and lifestyle. This information is then used to put together a tailor-made nutrition plan that will be emailed to you within few days. I work with you to create manageable programme based on your individual needs and dietary requirements.

Initial consultation includes:

  • Health & lifestyle questionnaire analysis

  • Personalised nutrition plan including meal ideas

  • Supplement programme (if needed)

  • Recommendations for functional testing (if needed)

Follow up consultation is scheduled during our first meeting, 3-4 weeks after your initial consultation to keep up the motivation.  We will review your progress, adapt your goals when necessary and address new symptoms.  Follow up consultation is usually 20-45 minutes and can be done face-to-face or via Skype. 


Health Reset - 1 Month: 215e (incl. initial & follow up consultation)

Jump Start Package (6 wk): 250e (initial consultation + 2 x follow ups + email support)

Transformation Package (16 wks): 850e (initial consultation + 7 x follow ups + 4 week personalised meal plan)

Follow up consultation:                    85e

Supermarket tour (45min):             85e

Cooking demo at your home:   150e (1.5 hours cooking, 2 recipes)

The prices include BTW of 21 %.  

Terms & conditions: Payment to be cash or pin at the appointment.  I also accept Paypal payments (excluding Paypal processing fee charge). No refunds / returns are available. 24 hours’ notice must be given if you wish to change or cancel an appointment. There will be a full charge if you do not arrive to the appointment.  Please email Sanna at sanna@sannasumner.com or call +31 6 319080701.

What is nutritional therapy? 

Nutritional Therapy combines nutrition science with food and lifestyle advice for the promotion of health, individual care and well-being. This is achieved through appropriate dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations when necessary. Functional testing may also be used to help assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. You are considered unique and recommended a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme.  I will also work alongside a medical professional and never recommend nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice

Advice provided during the consultation is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice and/or treatment. The client should always consult their doctor or primary healthcare provider if they require medical attention or have persistent concerns or symptoms.

Good nutrition helps build the body’s natural strength and resistance.  Nutritional therapy is not a substitute for the medical treatment of a doctor and nutritional therapist is not able to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

It is advisable to inform your doctor that you are consulting a nutritional therapist.

All information is strictly private and confidential and no information will disclosed without the client’s written consent.