Jump Start - 6 Weeks

Looking for a quick start into healthier routine? This one-time nutritional overhaul is a great start if you’re looking for short-term programme with a personal assessment based on your current dietary patterns, personal goals, and lifestyle. We will monitor your progress every two weeks to keep you on track and motivated.

  • Diet & lifestyle analysis

  • Initial face-to-face / Skype consultation & goal setting session (1 hour)

  • Regular 20 minute nutrition check-ins every 2 weeks (Skype)

  • Personalised dietary & lifestyle plan

  • 3-day meal plan

  • Supplements programme if necessary

    Add 2 week personalised meal plan for 75 euros.  

    Cost 275 euros (including 21% BTW). 

Transformation - Weight Loss (4 months)

How many times you started a diet & then end up putting extra kilos on?

Sick of not fitting into your clothes ? Feeling lethargic and have no energy? Forget the yo-yo diets and learn how to lose weight effectively and feel awesome. We will investigate the root cause and focus on the whole person. I will provide you a personalised & manageable nutrition plan and mentor your through regularly sessions over period of 16 weeks to keep you inspired and motivated.

Benefits for you:

  • Lose weight

  • Reduce cravings

  • Increase energy

  • Improve digestion

  • Improve mood

  • No calorie counting


  • Dietary & lifestyle analysis

  • 1 hour initial consultation to map our your personalised goals & needs

  • Body measurements

  • 7 x 25 min bi-weekly Skype consultations & goal adjustment

  • Building an individual food programme tailored to you

  • Weekly food diary analysis

  • 4 week personalised meal plan

Cost 850 euros (including 21% BTW). 

Extra! Add a cooking demo (125e) to your package to keep you inspired!

The Family Nutrition Package

For a family looking to eat and feel healthier

The family nutrition package focuses on practical and nutritious advice for the whole family, taking into account individual health issues such as possible allergies and intolerances. You will learn more about nutrition, cooking and how to create healthier habits for life for your family. 

Cost 600 euros (including 21% BTW). 


  • Family health and dietary assessment (initial 1.5hr appointment)

  • Nutrition programme personalised for your family

  • Pantry check (45 minutes)

  • Meal planning (4 week menu + recipes)

  • 1 x follow up appointment (1 hour)

The payment is split into two instalments; first instalment before initial appointment and second on follow up appointment.