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How to Become a Fit Fab Mama' Challenge!

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Why become Fit Fab Mama

As a Fit Fab Mama you feel energised, take better care of yourself and see the difference when you make yourself a priority. Eat healthier, exercise more effectively and find balance in your family and working life.  This 5-day challenge will give you a kick start so you can start your day with a clear intention and fall asleep with a smile on your face.  

Meet the Experts

Saron is a fitness trainer and coach for moms looking to create more satisfying life, personally and professionally. Through mental coaching and physical activity, she helps moms find the tools and motivation needed to make lasting, positive changes to their life and well-being.  Saron is also a mother of two active boys. 



Sanna is a nutritionist, wife and mother of two gorgeous girls, with a passion to educate and motivate people to transform their health through better nutrition and lifestyle changes.  She specialises in women's health issues.