Good nutrition is a cornerstone for good health and particularly when planning a pregnancy.  A healthy, nutrient-rich and balanced diet will not only boost your chance of getting pregnant but also having a healthy baby.  

Fertility is a natural process however sometimes this is not so straightforward. One in 8 couples have trouble of getting pregnant or sustaining pregnancy (CDC, 2010).  Poor diet, hormonal imbalances, excessive weight, stress and poor lifestyle choices can have impact on fertility. 

Proper nutrition can help you to balance your hormones, improve egg and sperm health, address mineral and vitamin deficiencies and optimise your weight. I support individuals and couples from pre-conception to pregnancy and post-natal health through personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice. 


Fertility Boost Package

Did you know that it takes about 3 months for eggs to mature to be released during the ovulation and around same time for sperm to develop?

Being healthy before conception will increase your chance of having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Couples planning a pregnancy can take advantage of our Fertility Boost package.  This combined approach of diet, lifestyle and acupuncture helps preparing the body for pregnancy and maximizing fertility. 

Nutrition together with acupuncture can enhance your fertility. I work with Sandra Guy, Amsterdam-based acupuncturist, helping clients to boost their fertility and well-being.  This package is suitable for couples who have no underlying fertility concerns. 

Acupuncture & Fertility

Fertility can be expressed as the perfect balance of yin and yang in the body.  In this sense, there is no internal disharmony and the body is healthy, menstrual cycles regular, libido good and daily stress handled well. 

When working with fertility we restore the balance of yin and yang in the body which can become disrupted from a variety of reasons including contraception methods, stress, diet, and underlying gynecological conditions.

Sandra Guy grew up in Hong Kong. Having completed a degree in English at Bristol University (UK) she went onto study Daoist Self-Cultivation and Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Netherlands Sandra has also completed postgraduate studies in Toyohari, a style of gentle but powerful Japanese acupuncture and Shonishin a Japanese form of meridian based therapy designed to help children.  Sandra works with all health conditions but has a special interest in women’s issues including period pains, fertility, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menopause and ageing.  Acupuncture is covered by most health insurance companies, please check your policy for individual details.To find out more about Sandra and her acupuncture practice, please check

 Sandra Guy 

Sandra Guy 

Fertility Boost Package costs 850 euros.  includes:

  • Intake questionnaire 
  • Initial nutrition consultation (1 hour) 
  • Personalised fertility nutrition & lifestyle programme
  • Meals ideas & recipes
  • 2 nutrition follow ups
  • 10 acupuncture sessions including intake