Corporate Wellbeing 

According to The National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence, 13.7 million working days are lost each year (in the UK) as result of work-related ill health.  Companies who invest in wellness programmes report 51% increase in employee morale as well as 40% decrease in absenteeism (Benefit Canada).   

Nutrition is essential for optimal health, improved productivity and prevention of chronic diseases.  Investing if your employees health have benefits such as:

  • Increased motivation
  • The company is attracting more employees
  • The staff is happier
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover

Sanna offers talks and individual consultations for companies on how to boost energy and wellbeing at work, to get the best from your staff and improve job satisfaction.  She will show you the importance of healthy eating through informative and interactive workshops, aimed to improve your health, work performance and overall wellbeing.  Workshops include:

  • 60min onsite talk 
  • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
  • Meal ideas
  • Staff handouts 
“I hired Sanna for a nutrition workshop for my sales team as I wanted to hear about ways how to 'live' a healthier office life. Sanna impressed us with her deep knowledge about nutrition in general and how to achieve a healthier live by changing your (negative) habits. She gave very valuable tips which were well received by my employees. I can only recommend Sanna as a nutrition consultant for your company! “
— Christian Obando Director, Inside Sales EMEA at Juniper Networks
‘Sanna gave us a presentation of one hour about Nutrition. It was very interesting and helpful. She provided us great tips and trucs for living healthy and full of energy.
— Cindy Hu-Ng , Executive Assistant to Manny Maloney, General Counsel, Sandvik Mining
Sanna was our guest at a patient training weekend. Her presentation was informative and well tailored to our needs. We would happily invite her again, if we arranged a similar event.”

— Sanna Lonnfors, European Federation of Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis Associations