Boost Your Energy Naturally


January is here and many of us are back at work today. Feeling tired and overstretched after the holidays?  Think twice before reaching for sugary snack or too many cups of coffee to help you get through the day.  Too much caffeine and sugar make you more tired and wired. 

Here are my 3 top tips for boosting energy:

  1. Eat protein-rich breakfast for example oatmeal + mix of seeds + blueberries or scrambled eggs + spinach. These balance your blood sugar, keeping you energised longer.

  2. Go for a walk after lunch.  Exercising improves your mood & reduces stress as well as can help with digestion. 

  3. Sleep more.  A study suggests that getting one extra hour of sleep each night can boost energy levels as well as increase your mood.

If you are looking for more energy in your daily life, join my 21-Day Ultimate Energy programme starting on Monday 21 January.  I show you how consuming delicious food can stop those energy crashes, put an end to sugar cravings and improve your focus & mood. I help you to discover how easily you can feel good, have a clearer mind, and be happier.