Back to school - Healthy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

Summer holidays are coming to end and school is about to start.  You may be feeling anxious about preparing quick and healthy breakfast and packed school lunches. Below I have put some easy tips that don't take much time to prepare and provide plenty nutrients. 


Healthy breakfast 

Healthy breakfast 

1. Apple & cinnamon porridge.  Soak oats in little apple juice over night in the fridge and next morning cook it in little water in a pan for a few minutes. Add little cinnamon and top with almond milk and berries.  Sprinkle with little ground flaxseeds or chopped nuts if kids are okay with that!  

2. Boiled egg on wholewheat / spelt toast

3. Breakfast super-smoothie: 1 banana, small handful of spinach,  sprinkle of chia seeds (1tsp) with 1-2 cups of almond milk.  

Packed lunch

1. Wholewheat sandwich with boiled egg / grated cheese and apple / smoked salmon & avocado

2. Wholewheat pasta or brown rice salad: steamed broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, tuna. Use leftover pasta or rice to make this salad to minimise preparation time. 

3. Frittata with peas, red pepper and little cheese. 

4. Sushi.  You can make your own although this can be quite time consuming.  Best to buy from delis or proper sushi places as the sushi in the shops can be full of additives. 

I also put some chopped vegetables with the packed lunch.  You can use carrots, cucumber, peppers or cherry tomatoes.