Summer Strawberry Cake

I got inspiration for this cake from Ascension Kitchen's great 'Raw & Sexy Sweets' book.   This cake is healthier than usual strawberry cream cakes and absolutely delicious! 

Strawberry Cake with Chocolate Crust

Raw and free-from: dairy, refined sugar & wheat 

Summer Cake 

Summer Cake 


140g raw almonds

75g shredded coconut

30g raw cacao powder

175g dates, pitted 

sprinkle of sea salt

Lime filling

130g raw, soaked cashews (soak overnight or min 3 hours for extra creaminess)

60g of honey

juice of half lime

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp coconut oil

Strawberry filling

130g raw, soaked cashews

250g fresh strawberries  + handful of strawberries for decoration 

60g honey

juice of half of lemon 

1 tsp vanilla essence

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

1. Line your cake time with baking paper.  You can use 23cm cake pan or like I did, 20cm where you get more height for the cake. 

2. Blend the base ingredients except dates until fine crumbs.  Add dates 2 at time & blend until dough has moist consistency.  Press mixture into cake tin.  

3. Lime filling: blend all ingredients except coconut oil. Once all is blended, add coconut oil and blend until combined.  Pour into the cake tin. 

4. Strawberry filling: Blend all ingredients until no visible nuts or strawberries left.  The colour should be gorgeously pink.  Pour into cake tin.  

5. Slice remaining strawberries and lay them on top of the cake.  Freeze the cake overnight or 4 to 5 hours until set.  Before serving take out to let it soften slightly. 

Perfect for summer barbecues and birthdays!