Spring Cleanse

Do you feel run down, heavy and tired?  If the answer is yes, then join me for the Spring Detox where I will be guiding you to back to health!  


Our bodies are exposed to many harmful substances (pesticides, poor dietary choices, heavy metals, alcohol, etc) and over time this can overload our detoxification processes.  

During these 10 days we will give your body a gentle cleanse by avoiding caffeine, sugar, wheat and alcohol.  We will be eating fresh and nutritious food. This will help you to increase your vitality and improve well-being.  You may even lose a few kilos!  

We start on Friday 28th March. For 79 euros you will receive a personal health assessment, insight to detoxification, detox guide plus 2 x 5 day menus and shopping lists!   You will also be part of a fantastic online community where you get daily tips and have support of other cleansers.  

This is not a fad detox and you won't be starving. You will be eating delicious meals and feel fantastic!  

There is no better time than today to sign up with our 10 day Spring Detox!  

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