Energize Your Morning!

A healthy morning shapes up your entire day. Not only it will give you plenty nutrients to keep going all day but also lifts your mood!  Here are my 5 tips how to create a healthier morning:

  1. Give yourself a head start.  Night before make the kids lunch boxes, choose clothing for next day and set the table for breakfast. This saves you time and less stress!
  2. Wake up 15 minutes earlier. Slowly wake up, take a moment to think what you would like to achieve that day.  Avoid checking your emails the first thing as these can cause rise in stress levels. 
  3. Do gentle stretching in bed before getting up.  This gives your body a nice gently wake-up call.
  4. Make yourself a cup of warm water, slice of ginger and lemon.  This warming and energizing drink wakes up your digestives system and gives your immune system a boost. 
  5. Eat breakfast!  Your body needs refuelling after a sleep so make it nutritious.  Have a a protein-based breakfast; oatmeal with seeds and berries, scrambled eggs with spinach or a green smoothie with chia seeds.  
Ginger lemon tea