Back to School

The long summer days are almost over and school is starting.  As both parents and kids are getting used to new routines, some parents feel daunted by preparing snacks for school and lunch boxes.  

My eldest daughter started school a few weeks ago and I've been getting quite excited about lunch boxes!  I as well as preparing snacks and lunches that are nutritious I include foods to help balance her blood sugar and maintain energy levels throughout the day. Together with a wholesome breakfast, healthy snacks and lunches are essential for child's growth and helps to support a healthy immune system. 

Mid-morning snacks

- Apple/kiwi/pear/peach slices

- Oat / wholegrain rice cakes with some hummus 

Lunch boxes 

Sandwich fillings:

- Hummus and paprika, tomato, cucumber

- Avocado and chicken with salad 

- Tuna, cucumber and sweetcorn

- Cheese and grated apple