Diverse rye

I've been missing proper rye bread here in Holland and I was over the moon to find 100% rye bread from my local bakery..finally!  

Rye is one of staple foods in the Nordic kitchen and Finnish people consume average of 3 pieces or rye bread a day.  Rye bread (especially 100%)  contains higher amount of nutrients (magnesium, manganese, tryptophan and variety of B vitamins)  than refined wheat bread, therefore making it a healthier choice. It's packed with fibre (approx 4.5g per piece) which aid gastrointestinal health, increase metabolism and support weight loss.

Compared to wheat bread, rye has been found to produce lower insulin response helping to maintain balanced blood sugar level and keep you fuller longer. 

 However if you are avoiding gluten products, rye may not be suitable for you.   

My favourite rye bread toppings:

- Smoked salmon and squeeze of lemon

- Avocado, hummus, black pepper and basil

- Boiled or scrambled eggs 


Rye bread(2).JPG