Happy Eggs!

I just love eggs...for breakfast or for lunch or as a snack!  Eggs are nutritional powerhouses; great source of protein, choline, vitamins A, B and D vitamins and selenium and omega-3.  They do contain cholesterol and lecithin which are vital for building and maintaining cell membranes, production of hormones and bile and help in metabolism of fat soluble vitamins. 

Eggs have gotten some bad press over the years about elevating cholesterol and increasing heart disease risk. Actually only 25% of cholesterol comes from the foods you eat and 75% is made by your own body. Research has found that foods high in saturated fats are more likely to increase your cholesterol than eating eggs. Hence it's better to reduce saturated fat intake such as cheese, cream, fatty meats, mayonnaise, biscuits, pastries. 

Eggs have more unsaturated fats than saturated and is low in calories.  It's best to buy organic eggs and either boil, poach or scramble but not fry! This changes the composition and nutritional value off the eggs, destroying the beneficial omega-3.  

Eating eggs is a good way to boost up your nutrient intake, it can support better neurological function, weight loss and reduce inflammation.  As eggs do not contain carbohydrates or any sugars, they are a great food to balance blood sugar.